Bright Thinkers are businesses that have been awarded with a Bright Thinkers Certificate. The certificate documents that the company is powered by a commercial solar system and financially savvy to understand the economic benefit of solar power for its business. It also shows that the business is confident in its future, because solar power will reduce the company’s electricity costs for years and decades to come.

Bright Thinkers are also businesses that tend to be ahead of the game. They don’t need to wait until all companies in their industry or area have gone solar. Once the benefits are understood,  they are ready to act and make their contribution to a more environmentally sustainable future in conjunction with the financial benefits by utilising solar power.

Bright Thinkers are companies from different industries, manufacturing to education, from different regions, rural to metropolitan, different sizes, local to multi-nationals and different corporate structures, family owned to listed on the stock exchange. They all have the Bright Thinkers Ethos in common and share a decisiveness to go for commercial solar whilst competitors maul over the decision for months or years.

Bright Thinkers are companies powered by a commercial solar system from Epho Pty Ltd, which shows that Bright Thinkers understand that they need a solar company of true specialists to ensure that their solar system delivers according to expectations. This means Bright Thinkers are smart.