Lambie Street Preschool Cooma

LambieStreet NSW


System size

          10 kW

System output

   14,130 kWh / year

Cars off road



Case Study:Lambie Street Preschool, Cooma NSW

“We at Lambie Street Pre-school in Cooma chose Epho as the supplier for our solar system. They exceeded expectations and impressed us before the sale while we were still researching, in terms of information provided, for example with detailed output predictions and discussions about the equipment to be used. The installers were highly professional, and the quality of the workmanship is very high. We have also been provided with a 40” smart TV and a custom built web site that enables us to display a dashboard of information about the system to visitors to our school. Overall, we made the right choice with Epho and we’d recommend them to other businesses looking for a quality solar installation.” Lyndall Dean, Lambie St Preschool

Lambie Street System Output website

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