Glenray Industries Bathurst NSW

System size

          50 kW

System output

   72,500 kWh / year

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Case Study: Glenray Industries Bathurst NSW

More than 30% – that’s how much Glenray Industries expects to save on its electricity bills thanks to an array of 200 solar panels being installed this week on its Bathurst Laundry and administration building in Browning Street.

Harnessing the sun’s rays, the panels can generate enough power for up to eight residential homes, says Luke Butterworth, operations manger, for Epho, the firm installing the array.

Mr Butterworth said: “It’s taking a week to install the panels and on Thursday and Friday we’re laying the modules. It’s a state-of-the-art system that generates around 200 kWh a day on average”

The system being installed will allow Glenray to monitor via the internet how the panels are performing at 10 to 15 minutes intervals, with any faults logged immediately to investigate.

Glenray’s General Manager, Cary Graves, said: “Solar panels are an important investment for our non-profit organisation. As one of our Australian disability enterprises, Bathurst Laundry & Drive-Through Dry Cleaning, continues to grow, we’re constantly looking at how to work smarter.

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