North Sails Mona Vale NSW

North Sails Mona Vale NSW


System size

          10 kW

System output

   14,300 kWh / year

Cars off road



Testimonial: North Sails Solar System in Mona Vale

“I was recently approached by a solar company salesman who targeted our building being flat roofed via Google earth.  The salesman’s solar concept presentation made commercial and ecological sense to me so I asked for more information.  My enquiries were passed down the line and I was not comfortable with the advice. This prompted me to make my own enquiries which lead me to make contact with Epho where Dr Oliver Hartley satisfied all my questions with a professional presentation that include an accurate proposal leaving me confident with the forecasts and price, we went ahead. The installation was very smooth and the system is running perfectly. No doubt, we made the right decision to go with ePho and can highly recommend them.”

Michael Coxon, Managing Director, North Sails Mona Vale NSW

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